What is your name and position?
Lisa Kosub, Owner
New Management & Leasing

Company name, address and phone number?
Merit Properties
P. O. Box 26053
Austin, TX, 78755
512-345-1872 fax


My main contact person at your office and their position
Lisa Kosub – Owner
Melanie Hillin – Property Manager
Charli Burgess – Accounting

How long have you been in business?
26 years.

Approx. how many properties do you currently manage?
200 properties

What is your management fee?

What is your leasing fee?
85% of first months rent

Any other fees required?
$100 renewal fee if tenant renews lease after the original lease term

Additional Services and Fees for them:
$30.00 per hour for services outside the management agreement

If the rental amount is $ 1,500/mo, what would you charge for the Security Deposit?
In today’s market, security deposits are determined based on location and competition, but normally we charge at least 95% of the rent to one month’s rent.

What is your normal pet policy?
Austin is a very pet-friendly City. We like to make pets negotiable on all properties unless deed restrictions specify no pets. If we make our pet policy negotiable then it will not discourage prospects to view our properties, but it will still give us the right not to accept certain pets once we have reviewed their application. We require a minimum $300 deposit per pet. We do not allow the category of dangerous breeds for insurance purposes.

Do you have a minimal balance required for my management account?
We require each owner to carry a $350 reserve which allows us to pay bills if needed between rents coming in and statements going out.

What are the limits for repairs (before you’ll call me for approval first?)
Our repair limit is $350 without owner approval. We do have an understanding with our owners that if we need to make a judgment call and make a quick decision based on the protection of the property, we are allowed to do so with the owners best interest in mind.

When do you send out reports and checks each month?
Our statements generally go out on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a weekend and/or a holiday, the statements will go out the following business day.

What should be my biggest concern – since I’m an out-of-state owner?
Choosing a property manager that fits your style, personality and expectations should be your biggest concern. Once you have chosen that proper fit, I think that you should not have any concerns. I do believe that when an owner hires a Property Manager there is a certain level of getting to know each other and how policies and procedures work. In the beginning, I believe you have a little more communication simply because it’s a new relationship.

Do you personally own investment properties?

How many?

Do you specialize in a certain area in Austin?
I like to pride myself on being knowledgeable about the entire City within reason, but normally I focus on Austin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Hutto and Leander.

What sets your company apart from most others?
I genuinely love my career. I’ve been in the business since I was 20 years old and I have always felt that I give a personal touch to the business. Property Management is a challenging job because you deal with so many personalities. I believe in making people feel as comfortable as possible and that usually opens the door to good relationships with owners as well as tenants. Plus, if you love your job and you have a good attitude it doesn’t feel like work. You will always find my staff happy and helpful and always willing to do the right thing. Our philosophy is always win-win in all situations.

Other comments:
I am a licensed Broker and my broker’s license is affiliated with Keller Williams Realty. When you hire Merit Properties to manage your home, every time your property comes available for lease, we broker the lease listing in the Multiple Listing Service through Keller Williams Realty. You may ask, so what does that mean? Keller Williams is open 7 days week. When a prospect inquires about your property, they reach a live real estate agent that can give detailed information about your home. This gives you a huge advantage in marketing your home. Keller Williams is one of the largest companies in North America.

I look forward to the opportunity to be interviewed for the Property Management Position. Thank you for your time.

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